Cythera Health is an all-inclusive services providing comprehensive packages for your health, fitness, and aesthetic outlook. We will help you transform physically into the healthy individual you want to be.


Cythera Health is an all-inclusive service. We remove the challenges normally faced by individuals looking to get fit. We provide you with all the resources you need including fitness, nutrition, medical, stress management, and wellness. We make it as simple as possible for you to be successful.

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Health and Fitness

Whether your goals are to lose weight, improve your aesthetic outlook, or enhance your health and fitness, Cythera Health can help. We provide you with expert guidance by selecting the appropriate health, fitness, and medical professionals to help you achieve these goals under your own roof.

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At Cythera, we understand no two people are physically the same, and each person will respond differently to changes in exercise and nutrition habits. Each package is individually designed based on the latest research and your goals, limitations, schedule, and current fitness level.

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Our Culture

We look to engage, transform, and motivate our clients to make changes in their quality of life. Each approach to your health, fitness, and nutrition is very specific. Regardless of the approach we take, our methods are focused on long-term changes that produce lasting results, based in scientific research, and solely driven towards the individual. Led by Jason Kilderry, an exercise science expert, with a host of medical and fitness professionals, we provide truly one-of-a-kind service for you.

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